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This is how I should be

من انگار همین شکلی باید باشم

This is how I should be

For years, I have been displaced from one company to another, from one city to another
From this side of the city to the other side of the city
I’m really tired
But I say I am not tired
It is not my fault
It was really the fault of all the companies I worked with
It was one of the empty promises they gave me
As far as they could, they used my talent and expertise to the limit for their own benefit, and in the end, they crumpled me like a paper towel and threw me out.
I don’t want to work for anyone anymore
I really cut
I’m tired of everyone using me as a slave
I hate all your empty promises
I want to pursue my specialty
I want to go after the remaining goals
I don’t want to live with Ment anymore for a small office salary along with insurance
From these days, the new chapter of my life will start as a freelancer
I want to do bigger things
I’m afraid
I am tired
But I can definitely

And you, dear friend

Don’t tell me you were out of supply

don’t say you couldn’t

Don’t say you can’t work somewhere


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