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The conflict of these days

درگیری این روزهای من

The conflict of these days

For several years, my concern is not to be at work somewhere

In terms of age, I don’t feel like staying in one place and working for people

I’m tired, I’ve been here and there for many years, I’ve worked for many people and wasted my precious life

There was and is a sentence that I always tell everyone and it is this:

Monthly salary is a bribe that they give you so that you cannot pursue your dreams

How many days have I been busy with what to do?? What’s the end?? How long should I work for people??

I remember a few years ago, even though I had no income, I was traveling and taking pictures

But today, even though I have a minimal income, I am afraid to pack my bag and go on a trip

A strange fear that prevented me from moving

I stayed in Shiraz for several goals and I am working, but now that I am looking, I see that I did not reach any of my goals.

One of my main goals was to buy a camera

In the last few years, wherever I worked, I was promised this, stay with us, don’t worry about the camera, we will get it for you, but until you can use me and my experiences, I was left without a hat.

Well, now I don’t want to tell you about this pain…let’s skip it

I have been busy with several questions for the past two days, which I can answer myself, but I want you to help me as well

First of all:

If I stay at work, I won’t be able to buy my camera and equipment, that’s because inflation is extremely high and the price of goods is going up every day, so why should I waste my life staying at work?? Isn’t it better to start shooting with the same camera that I am going to take??

Secondly :

If I pursue my goals and abandon my work, I will go: where will I get my living expenses??
I support the site and do graphic design and animation, etc. I can earn at least the money I have now by working and pay for my travels.
But this support and other work I do is not always, maybe one day it will be cut off somewhere and I have no savings, then I will stay in the middle of the road.

Third, that:

If I go after my goals and find myself displaced in the mountains and deserts, then where will I stay and where will I sleep?
Even where I am now and in the previous places where I have been, I lived with minimal comforts, I spread two blankets and a mattress and slept, and I was a kind of house-to-house, so I am somewhat prepared for a backpacking trip.

Fourth, that:

How many days a week should I work and how many days should I travel? This is also good. Somehow, I didn’t separate myself from work and I am afraid that I will go on a trip. My focus for my projects and goals will be low, but the only good thing is that I will keep at least a low and fixed salary for myself.

Summary :

When I’m working and I don’t save or can’t save, what’s the point of wasting my life for 5-6 million a month?

When I can’t get a 100 TL loan and go after my goals, why should I stay and spend my life working for people?

In short, help me and write to me that:

Should I stay at work or go to the mountains and the desert and pursue my main goal, which is to photograph the tribes of Iran and outside Iran???

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